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Black and Gold Ball

6th July 2013
Liverpool Catholic Club

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Mums and Bubs Tap

2nd March 2013

First Timers Information


Welcome to your first night of Le Groove dancing! Don't be shy to ask questions in class or to come up at the end of class should you require help with any of the moves taught.

Believe it or not, your first class will be the hardest you'll ever do. Each week new moves will be taught so don't worry if you don't pick up all the moves.

The classes run for an hour followed by half an hour of freestyle dancing! Freestyle dancing is when the leader chooses moves in the order he/she pleases and the follower follows the moves being led.

We encourage you to get up and dance with as many people as you can so that you can practice those moves.

You don't need a partner to join a Le Groove class as you will rotate with the other students during class. If you have a partner and don't wish to rotate we are happy for you to stay with your partner also.


Leather, suede or 'topi' soles work best with this style of dance as there is lots of spinning and dipping. You don't have to buy an expensive pair of dance shoes for your first class. A pair of closed in shoes with a smooth sole will be fine.

Keep it casual, comfortable, cool and non-restrictive clothing is advisable as tight clothing will restrict you from moving. Remember to have a shower and use deodorant before coming to class and bring a hand towel to class.


Rosemeadow Studio

Monday Nights
Beginners 7pm
Intermediate 8pm


8 Class Pass Beginners - $96

8 Class Pass Intermediate - $100

Casual Classes - $15

Private Lessons - $70

Gift Certificates - Not getting married yourself, but you'd like to give something a little different as a wedding gift?
Gift certificates for Bridal Dance Packages are available. Contact us for more information.


Learn in the comfort of your home or purchase these manuals to aid with your Modern Jive classes.
Dvd now available!

Beginner Manual Vol. 1
written by Nikki Gelardi-Bunyi
includes 18 Modern Jive moves

Beginner Manual Vol. 2
written by Nikki Gelardi-Bunyi
includes 18 Modern Jive moves

Intermediate Manual Vol. 1
written by Nikki Gelardi-Bunyi
includes 19 Modern Jive moves

All manuals - $10 each

Le Groove lessons are supposed to be fun so remember: